Blade Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits
Making It’s Splash Across The U.S.

The Blade Bait Company’s high quality spinnerbaits and buzzbaits along with their add-on accessories are not only making head waves in the northern states and pulling up bass like a magnet picking up metal, but has also caught on with local anglers and fishing enthusiast across the United States. Just take a look at some of the testimonials below:

Back-to-Back BASS on “THE BLADE”

“Casting the Mighty White Blade, I landed a 4 pound 11 ounce and 4 pound 15 ounce Bass on back-to-back casts. Those two casts gave me enough weight to win the tournament by more than two pounds. Yep, I’m a Blade believer.”

Bob Stansberry – Monroe, Michigan



caught2-with-blade-bass-spinnerbaitZacary Machiele of Newaygo, Michigan.

Using “Blade” Spinnerbaits are my favorite lure to catch Bass – Pike!…. Easy to use!… great reaction bites! Zacary Machiele Newaygo, Michigan

THE BLADE wins an “Oscar”

“Actually it won 23 Oscars.
I nominate THE BLADE for Best Performance for a lure in the Everglades.”

Laura Poe – Spring Lake, Florida


The Patriot invades America’s Capitol

“Living and fishing this close to Washington DC…I felt that I just had to throw THE PATRIOT BLADE. It was the right choice for 9 Bass…including this one. I salute THE BLADE.”

Mike Evers – Virginia



pro-angler-endorse-blade-spinnerbaitbigbass-caught-w-blade-spinnerbaitLocal Pro Bass Angler Mike Trombly From Perrysburg, Ohio is all thumbs up for….


When the Spinnerbait bite is on!

I”m A Believer! I use ” BLADE” spinnerbaits

Now, I’m a believer in THE BLADE.

“I caught a lot of Largemouth and Smallmouth on THE BLADE on Lake St.Clair in Canada… but now I know the Carolina Bass love THE BLADE, too.”
Tom Bates Jr. – Greensboro, North Carolina


Local Tournament angler Tom Trombly caught this nice smallmouth on a “BLADE” spinnerbait at Lake St. Clair.

Top Quality – durable – Hand made by The Blade Bait Co. in Michigan. Second to no other spinnerbait on the market today! “I’m a believer in “BLADE” spinnerbaits! Try some today! You will become a Blade believer too!

Tom Smallie  New Boston, Michigan

pro-angler-bass-caughtbass-caught-using-blade-spinnerbaitMAKING MORE THAN A SPLASH IN FLORIDA
Local Pro Bass Angler from Bradenton Gove, Florida TODD KOEHLER sent some pictures to let us all know that . . .

. . . “BLADE Spinnerbaits” works great!… There KILLING EM! in Florida waters! Blade spinnerbaits Rule Florida waters…..Todd Koehler holding 10 pounder plus largemouth Bass in first photo with friend Pete Kelley. 2nd photo… Bass caught off his home dock. Todd is a “BLADE” spinnerbait Believer!


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